The Charlotte Goldberg Community Mikvah


The Charlotte Goldberg Community Mikvah remains closed for immersions during this time of pandemic. Based on the Jewish principle of pikuach nefesh, the belief that preserving human life takes precedence over most all other religious mandates, we are avoiding the possibility that one of our guests, volunteers or staff members could contract the virus. Our commitment to k’lal Yisrael – our responsibility for one another – requires us to do everything possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Thank you for your patience and understanding. (6/8/2020) 

The Charlotte Goldberg Community Mikvah in Cleveland, Ohio provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere where individuals can explore the benefits of ritual immersion. Our attendants will take the time to personalize your experience to the needs of your visit. Whether you are marking a milestone, celebrating an important life-cycle event, or perhaps grieving a loss, the Community Mikvah is a safe space to express your Jewish spirituality.

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Thank you for this peaceful spiritual experience and for making it available to the Jewish community.


I am so proud to have had my conversion here in such a beautiful facility. It made the whole experience even more meaningful as I embark on my new identity with the Jewish people.


From the ‘business’ of the get, I came into this welcoming space of transformation.


I come here today with hope and prayers after months of trying to be blessed with a baby. The mikvah was like immersion in a womb – symbolic of all our hopes and dreams.


What a wonderful way to cleanse the soul, reflect on my past and look forward to the future on my 60th birthday.

Knowing that my mother went to the mikvah before she got married made me both intrigued and sure that I also wanted to participate in such a wonderful tradition.


I am renewed and ready to enter the holy space of Yom Kippur.